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My little corner of the world...

Waking from Wild Horse dreams. This is my bedroom (I live in a very small nest).

Last night I took down a portion of my recent Wild Horse Heart {sneak peek} show at CorAzoN. My studio and home is full to the brim with artwork and so, with nowhere else to go with everything, I hung the biggest photographs on the walls surrounding my bed. OH MY! It was enough to make my heart pound a little faster! :) All three of my dogs immediately hopped into bed and didn't want to leave. They were loving the new additions to the room. It was only 8:30pm (I rarely go to bed before midnight), but jumped into bed right along with them. The room was filled with an intoxicating amount of wild horse energy and the stormy sounds of rain and ice hitting the window outside. Inside, we were nestled quite contentedly under the covers.

As I laid there, I realized how profoundly my dreams have come true. Surrounded by horses and so much love. This little corner of my world: It is a powerful place to be. Electric. Breathtaking. Healing. Wild horse medicine, I love you. Strange, invigorating. I am grateful.

with a wild horse heart,

Painterly Highs...

Laying in the supplies! Went on my bi-annual canvas shopping spree yesterday in preparation for upcoming commissions. Stacking them 2 deep and 2 high--and this isn't even all of them! Thank god for vertical storage? Painterly highs! :)

It's days like this that cause me to step back and enjoy the way my life looks.

Big love,

{with great amounts of love and painterly passion} Now Offering...

"Into the Mystic" :: 48" x 72" :: Original Oil on Canvas :: Wild Mustang
(photo by Tu Shea Images)

After several years of wishing, wanting, and dreaming it into being (since the birth of Stray Dog Arts!), I am now offering original domestic and wild horse painted portraiture and custom equine commission opportunities.

I've had a love affair with horses for as long as I can remember. To spend time with these magnificent beings and bring them to life on canvas is very much a dream come true.

Original commissioned horse paintings are available, oil on canvas, large-scale sizes only. Custom Fine Art Equine Photography is also available on a limited basis. Travel per diems apply to all out-of-state and international travels. My wild horse heart welcomes adventure. :)

As an artist, I am in a wonderfully deep space of growth and evolution. Whether painting horses, dogs, cats, or humans--I paint from a place of both spirit and heart, honoring the connections made along the way.

Looking everything.

Yours truly,


Informal Artist's Reception :: Wild Horse Heart {sneak peek} :: You're Invited!

You're Invited!

To a SNEAK PEEK showing of...
Recent Photographic Works by Jessie Marianiello

On display at CorAzoN thru February 28th, 2012
{select pieces on display thru March 20th, 2012}

~Informal Artist's Reception~
Thursday, Feb. 23rd :: 5-8pm
4646 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Important note:
this is a small retail setting and, therefore,

This most recent body of work comes from a very deep and expansive place. Even though it is still in progress as I work towards a more extensive show, I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to share the process as I journey through it. I am forever grateful for the horse medicine that I have experienced and continue to experience as I move forward in my art (and life). It comes from a place of vulnerability, but also a place of strength. You can read the full Artist's Statement here.

May all wild horses be happy!

WILD HORSE HEART {sneak peek} :: Recent Photographic Works by Jessie Marianiello

Artist's Statement:

"How strange that the nature of life is change, yet the nature of human beings is to resist change. And how ironic that the difficult time we fear might ruin us are the very ones that can break us open and help us blossom into who we're meant to be." ~Elizabeth Lesser

While in the midst of chaos and crisis (or even everyday life), it is easy to lose your footing. This past year, through the process of divorce, I most certainly lost mine. And yet, somehow, I managed (however haphazardly) to find my way towards some sort of balance between stillness and movement--it is both that I needed, after all. In the beginning, however, I was at times consumed by those horribly black nights when fear and uncertainty and more fear would grip me tighter than I had ever before known. Those were the darkest of times and it was in those moments I learned a very important question:

"What will make me feel better?"

The question would rise jaggedly into the night. And, each time, I was met with the same answer: "Horses." Strange, yes, I know. Horses were a stretch; they were not even a part of my day to day life. But some wise part of myself knew and understood. With the question came an answer and with the answer came an unquestionable space of relief. Over and over I followed myself to that open space. It was a space of healing. By night, I gave myself over to my horse-filled imagination. By day, I took both big and small steps to turn those imaginings into a reality.

A simple question led me to a simple answer that led me on a month long cross-country adventure. I was in search of wild horses and, in the process, I found myself. These images are a product of that adventure--an adventure that is still playing itself out. It seems strange to become so unexpectedly thankful for heartbreaks, but I am. I am thankful that my world fell apart and that it forced me to break open in order to find my truest, deepest rhythm once again. These horses are healers.

Currently, I am in the process of creating one of my largest solo exhibitions to date--and these photographic images are only the beginning. My future exhibition, Wild Horse Heart, will include both photographic and large-scale painted horse imagery. For now, I am honored to share a sneak peek of these first photographs with you. It is my hope that they will awaken your own wild horse heart. These horses have gifted me with grace, freedom, and immense healing. I hope they will do the same for you.

With a wild horse heart,
Jessie Marianiello, Stray Dog Arts

Showing exclusively at CorAzoN thru Feb 28th, 2012
(select pieces showing thru March 20th)
4646 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406

01.04.12 :: Featured in the Star Tribune! :: 1.2 Million Readers Aint Bad!

Me. My studio. My dogs. And a whole lotta painting! This photo was taken by the fun and immensely talented, Tom Wallace. I live a colorful life filled with more love than I often know what to do with. I'm grateful because I know I'm one of the lucky ones: my livelihood comes from something I am passionate about.

I haven't had a lot of time for blogging in the past year because I've been so busy painting, photographing, adventuring and, of course, doing all the things that one does to make a business tick. I also do things like build soft blanket nests at my feet, a place for my dogs sleep as I work. I drink coffee while standing in the sunshine with a paint brush in my hand. Sometimes I paint all through the night...until the sunrises the next morning...because I get on a roll and just can't seem to stop. Many of my clients become lifelong friends. And it never ceases to amaze me how deeply every single dog or cat or horse that I've ever painted somehow changes me for the better. It seems sort of unbelievable that I'm already booked into summer of 2013 and that I've just booked my next solo exhibition for 2014!

In short, life has been full to the point of bursting. But I'll tell you...I really want to slow down just enough to sit down and write about it once in awhile. ;) There's so much that is happening behind the scenes: with each painting, each person and animal I meet, each cross-country flight, each spark, each brushstroke, each inspiration.... Life goes speeding by, oh, but wouldn't it be nice to simply sit down with it and turn it into words once in awhile? My blog could use a dog pile of love--and so I hope to see you here more often in the coming months. After all, there is SO much to share!!! :)

In the meantime, I hope that 2012 is treating you in all the right ways. I look forward to everything that is to come!


You can read the full Strib article here. Sharing it better late than never? ;)


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