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{with great amounts of love and painterly passion} Now Offering...

"Into the Mystic" :: 48" x 72" :: Original Oil on Canvas :: Wild Mustang
(photo by Tu Shea Images)

After several years of wishing, wanting, and dreaming it into being (since the birth of Stray Dog Arts!), I am now offering original domestic and wild horse painted portraiture and custom equine commission opportunities.

I've had a love affair with horses for as long as I can remember. To spend time with these magnificent beings and bring them to life on canvas is very much a dream come true.

Original commissioned horse paintings are available, oil on canvas, large-scale sizes only. Custom Fine Art Equine Photography is also available on a limited basis. Travel per diems apply to all out-of-state and international travels. My wild horse heart welcomes adventure. :)

As an artist, I am in a wonderfully deep space of growth and evolution. Whether painting horses, dogs, cats, or humans--I paint from a place of both spirit and heart, honoring the connections made along the way.

Looking everything.

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