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My little corner of the world...

Waking from Wild Horse dreams. This is my bedroom (I live in a very small nest).

Last night I took down a portion of my recent Wild Horse Heart {sneak peek} show at CorAzoN. My studio and home is full to the brim with artwork and so, with nowhere else to go with everything, I hung the biggest photographs on the walls surrounding my bed. OH MY! It was enough to make my heart pound a little faster! :) All three of my dogs immediately hopped into bed and didn't want to leave. They were loving the new additions to the room. It was only 8:30pm (I rarely go to bed before midnight), but jumped into bed right along with them. The room was filled with an intoxicating amount of wild horse energy and the stormy sounds of rain and ice hitting the window outside. Inside, we were nestled quite contentedly under the covers.

As I laid there, I realized how profoundly my dreams have come true. Surrounded by horses and so much love. This little corner of my world: It is a powerful place to be. Electric. Breathtaking. Healing. Wild horse medicine, I love you. Strange, invigorating. I am grateful.

with a wild horse heart,


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