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Animals of AHS :: Art Exhibition and Fundraiser :: project launch!


Dogs, cats, rats, ferrets, parrots, horses, and rabbits... all are invited to participate!

20% of all commissions associated with this project will be donated to the Animal Humane Society.

Help support animal rescue efforts by commissioning a portrait today!

Want to get involved?

Learn more about how you can help animals in need by participating in this art exhibition and fundraising opportunity here.

And if you're in the Minneapolis area, stop by my tent in the Flealess Market this Saturday, May 2nd at the Walk for Animals!

May all ANIMALS be happy!

Images from my week:

My Latest Obsession:
The beauty of broken down tennis balls.

My Latest Painting:
"Lola" :: 10"x20" :: Oil on Canvas

Our Middle Child:
Oh, my Louie. There has never been a more special dog.

And My Biggest Temptation to Take a Cat Nap:
Ella, the babe of our house.

Life is beautiful.
I am savoring the things that surround me.


Boston Terrier Lovers Unite!

Meet Bogey.
6"x6" Oil on Canvas.

The Boston Terrier Club of Connecticut will be hosting their 113th specialty show this month at the Crowne Plaza in Southbury, Connecticut.

They contacted me last summer to see if I would be willing to donate something for their silent auction to raise money for Boston Terrier rescue efforts and, of course, I was happy to! After all, Bostons ARE an exceedingly beautiful breed to paint. What is it that I love about them so much? I think it's all that black and white, those big beautiful eyes, and perfectly pint-size muscled bodies. Simply put: they have personality!

It was with perfect timing that Bogey's parents contacted me with an inquiry about commissioning a portrait. Little did they know that I would ask to use their beautiful photo for a fundraiser! The original painting has been shipped to Connecticut for a silent auction, but the desire to paint more Bostons just keeps growing!

I am happy to say that Bogey is a very well loved dog--but it makes me sad to think of all the dogs that are abandoned, neglected, or just plain unwanted. I hope this lil' painting might help pay for a Boston in need to find his or her way to a better life.

Boston Rescue could use your help. Consider adopting, fostering, or making a donation today.

In honor of all the beautiful Bogey's of the world, I will be donating 5% of all Boston Terrier commissions to BTTC until April 30th, 2009.

May all dogs be happy!

Dogs of Linden Hills meet Sarah Beth Photography!

OK...I have to tell you that, this past week, I have had more fun than I even know what to do with. With the closing of my recent exhibition, Dogs of Linden Hills, a large handful of the participants and I celebrated with a photoshoot by the fantastic Sarah Ernhart of Sarah Beth Photography.

Thank you to Urbanimal of Minneapolis for allowing us access to such a perfect light-filled space for the photoshoot! We had a busy day with well over 20 dogs!

An important detail (I gotta tell you!): I am head over heels in LOVE with Sarah's work! Her style is fun, unique and fresh. To say that I enjoy collaborating with her would be an understatement! Every once in awhile, when we're really lucky, we find someone in the world that we really, truly enjoy working with. For me, Sarah is one of those people.

The past several months have been very busy and I barely left my studio for the entire months of January through March. I enjoyed it immensely, but celebrating with a photoshoot at the end of such a big project made it even better. Afterward, when Sarah showed me the photos from this shoot for the first time, I'm quite certain that my heart nearly burst with sheer giddiness! Check out some more photos from the day on Sarah's blog.

Fergie, Sydney, Isis, Bodi, Percy, Desi, Maggie, Simon, Reina, Josie, Russell, Zambizi, Wilson, Huey, Strider, Chrissy, Leo, Stella, Louie, Ella, Lou, Lola, and Luca...this is one bunch of VERY INCREDIBLE DOGS!!! There are definite benefits to the work I do locally. These dogs, they've become a little bit like family. I will be adding more of their photos to my website in the near future. But, in the meantime, I just wanna say...

Dear Minneapolis dogs, you fill my heart.

Want good photos?
Visit Sarah. I give her two thumbs and 4 paws up!
You will be amazed. I promise. :)

May all dogs be happy!


I wanna go to Russia.

Apparently Moscow has some of the smartest strays around.
I like smart dogs.

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