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Talk2theAnimals :: Paws4Pets :: A Fundraiser Event to Benefit Red Lake Rosie's Rescue!

Paws4Pets and help the animals at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue! Enjoy an evening with Talk2theAnimals for animal communication, view the art work of Stray Dog Arts, and meet Angel Animal authors Linda and Allen Anderson. There's a raffle, including exciting prizes from: The Galleria, Stray Dog Arts, Chuck and Don's, The Westin Galleria, and more! Bring a donation for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and take away an evening of doggone fun!

Event Hosted by Talk2theAnimals!

Join Us:
Thursday, May 13th
Dogs of Edina Gallery at the Galleria
(between Louis Vuitton and Big Bowl in the center's west end)

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is very a very special place to me and has affected my life and work in a deep way. Read more about my personal experiences with RLRR here and here and here. My sincere thank you to everyone who is working to coordinate this event!

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Red Lake Rosie's Rescue Synopsis:

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue (RLRR) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization formed on February 6, 2006. The rescue/shelter is located on the Red Lake Indian reservation in northwestern Minnesota.

The shelter is run, singlehandedly, by Karen Good who lives and teaches at-risk high school kids on the reservation. She began the rescue with a mission to decrease the overpopulation of companion animals and the resulting homelessness, disease, malnutrition, and abuse, which has remained unchecked for generations on the reservation.

The Red Lake Reservation, which is approximately the size of Rhode Island, has had no other programs in the history of the nation that address the needs or protect the rights of companion animals.

The reservation has a human population of about 10,000. About 40% live at or below the poverty line. The unemployment rate is 36%, and the median age is 20.1 years. Crime and violence, often drug-related, are significant problems. Murder and suicide rates are high.

Considering these factors, it is no surprise that the most vulnerable population, domestic dogs and cats, would suffer the greatest. There are no veterinarians on the reservation, so there is a lack of medical care and neuter/spay. Even those animals who are not homeless often live outdoors without shelter and are expected to forage for their food. Many have malnutrition, dehydration, and are infected with mange and other parasites. It is a common and acceptable practice for residents to drop off litters of puppies and kittens, as well as adult animals at the garbage dumpsters where they are left to die of starvation, or disease, or be killed.

Karen has built outdoor kennels on her reservation property to house the animals. She also uses an older building to house small puppies and cats, and all of her supplies - food, medicine, bowls, towels, etc.

Karen's goals are three-fold; to rescue and find homes for the animals in need, to facilitate spay/neuter and medical care, and to provide humane education to the residents of Red Lake reservation.

In 2009, Karen rescued 859 animals. She provided food, housing, medical care, and spay/neuter.

Once or twice a month, with the help of a metro support group, the animals are transported from the shelter to Twin Cities’ area rescue groups.

Learn more about Red Lake Rosie's Rescue here.

May all dogs be happy!



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