Stray Dog Arts

Meet Henry...

6"x12" Oil On Canvas

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Henry. Henry is hereby the very first portrait that I have completed in my new studio space. He's also a gift from a set of siblings for their parents' wedding anniversary. I love painting portraits that will be given as gifts.. It always amazes me that there are such thoughtful people in the world who go out of their way to have such personal and meaningful gestures of love created for the important people in their lives. Art is love--and so is Henry.

These past several weeks have felt more than a little overwhelming with our recent move along with summer events and projects. There is one thing in the world that puts me right back to center and that is painting. No matter how much I have going on...painting makes me feel calmer in a nano-second. Of course, painting a really great dog makes it even easier to breathe deeper and be inspired.

Thank you, Henry, for making me feel good. :) You were painted in the company of 3 great dogs, double espressos, and some really great music in a fresh, new, and not yet unpacked studio space.

You were a perfect beginning to all that is to come.

Happy Anniversary Mama and Papa Henry!!!

with love,


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