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Dogs of Linden Hill's--Opening night! :: A celebration in images and song

These past many weeks have held so much more than I could ever possibly capture in words. I've just finished creating my very first imovie--a celebration in images! The opening was over a week ago and I have not yet found the space of mind to sit down and write about it. It was a journey-and-a-half, to say the least. And now...well, now it is time to just plain celebrate.

The photos in this video were taken by the incredible Sarah of Sarah Beth Photography and my husband, Vinny. There are more words and pictures to come--but, at the moment, it is nearly 4 am and time for this lil' chica to go to bed!

Here's to what has been accomplished. Here's to all that is to come.
Cheers to you, my friends!

May all dogs be happy!



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