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"Lou, the Singing Dog"
Oil on Canvas

I've been meaning to post a photo of some of the work that I've been swallowed by. For now, I offer you "Lou, the Singing Dog." It's different and perhaps better than anything I've ever painted before. I try not to think about how much more I have to do. I've never had to sustain a feeling of "staying in the moment" for such a long period of time. I'll tell you, it is a discipline. Preparing for this show feels strangely spiritual. I have always felt deep emotions when I paint dogs, but this is different. This is something that exists beyond me. It's not about me, it's not even exactly about the dogs I'm painting. It's about how we experience the world. It's about being alive to the smallest moments, those nanoseconds that contain something of the entire universe.


"First Month"

Oil on Canvas

This particular time in my life feels immensely strange to me. Strange, that is, in a (generally) good way. Difficult too, but good. Maybe it is the long hours that I've been putting in, day after day, but this work feels a bit out-of-body.

Last night I also applied to two major art fairs. And right now I need to make a pot of coffee and head back down into the studio. I'm working on another big one. There are so many large paintings! I can't complain though. Painting big is what I love best.

There will be an opening reception for this series of paintings, Dogs of Linden Hills, at Dunn. Bros Coffee, in Linden Hills, Minneapolis. Thursday March 12th, 7-9 pm. I hope to see you there!

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