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LOVE--4 little letters to make you feel good

Today I am in love.

I am in love with what I do.
I am in love with life.
I am in love with winter and the gentle snow that falls outside my window.
I am in love with my dogs.
I am in love with my husband.
I am in love with burning candles and hot cocoa.
I am in love with all that is possible.
I am in love with all that is now.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to be doing the work that I do. I LOVE my job. I love it so much that I find it difficult to even call it a job. It's not a job. It's a passion. It's an obsession. It is love.

Today, as I worked in my studio, I thought about luck and love and about how we attract people and circumstances into our lives. I thought about how good it feels to have connected with so many incredible clients. Commissioned work is an interesting phenomena. For me, painting is personal and I am amazed--each and every time--how appreciative, gracious, flexible, and wonderful my clients are. Actually, I find it difficult to call them clients. They are so much more than that!

Yes, and so today I dedicate to love. Capital L.O.V.E. (Come on...let me say it just one more time) I love what I do. And I fall in love with the dogs I paint...over and over and over. My heart is a broken record--and, I admit, it feels good.

When I love, things make more sense.
Perhaps, more than anything, that is what draws me to this work.



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