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Stray Dog Arts invites you!

Oil on Canvas

Please join me and the dogs of Pet Haven for an opening reception at Cuppa Java wine and coffee bar.

Thursday, November 13th at 7:30pm

RESCUED: Dogs of Pet Haven
Recent Works by Jessie Marianiello

Showing at:
Cuppa Java
400 Penn Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Exhibition will be open
for the month of November

In celebration of new beginnings, here's to honoring the unique beauty of all animals in need!

* * *

Artist's Statement:

My latest series of paintings is focused on dogs that have been given an incredible second chance. These are dogs that would probably not be here today if it were not for the collaborative efforts of people who care. Some of them have already been adopted, some of them are still waiting to find their forever home—but every dog comes with a story—a story that, through the act of painting, I strive to capture, honoring the unique beauty of each.

Jasper, despite his gentle soul, came from an overflowing shelter in Iowa and was scheduled for euthanasia. If it were not for the woman at the shelter who put out a call for help, if it were not for all the people involved in his rescue efforts…Jasper would be dead.

Hazel, a Hurricane Katrina dog, is still waiting to find her new family. She is looking for YOU. She’s been waiting for over two years.

Koda, a beautiful white husky, was left in an abandoned house, only to be found when it was discovered that the pipes had burst in the cold of winter. Koda is up for adoption. She is looking for the warmth and love that perhaps you can provide?

Peanut, along with several other dogs, a victim of dog hoarding, was found neglected and starving.

Spice Girl (now Bella), was found as a stray with her back leg injured, most likely hit by a car. She would not have survived without medical attention. She carried a litter of pups, of which only 2 out of the 5 survived. Her leg required amputation and they also learned that she’s deaf. But there’s a better part to this story: a family who loves her beyond words has adopted her. Her leg has healed. Her strength and beauty persists.

Eve (now Ella) nestled her way into my heart and has since joined our family and made herself very much at home. She is what I call an “occupational hazard”—one that I am grateful for every single day.

These are just some of the dogs I've painted. There's also Missy, Snuggles, Evangeline, and Mandy. Since beginning this journey of painting rescue dogs my life and work has taken on whole new levels of meaning. My heart can break open a million times during the course of the day, but it always comes back to hope, love and resilience.

It is my hope that this show will help some of these dogs get noticed—especially the ones that have fallen between the cracks, the ones that are in danger of being forgotten. What if every dog I painted got adopted? I wish for that. I hope for that. Lately, I find myself hoping for a lot of things. I like the way hope feels—even if it brings tears to my eyes on a regular basis. My heart feels rubbed raw, as though it is ready to burst. I admit that I think I even like the way this rawness feels. However uncomfortable, it makes me feel alive. It connects me. It breaks me open. These dogs fill my heart in a way that nothing else does.

* * *

If you’re interested in adoption or volunteering please visit Pet Haven’s website at

In honor of the dogs that have changed my life, I am donating 20% of original artwork sales and commissioned pet portraits to animal rescue efforts until December 31st, 2008.

To commission a pet portrait of your own, please contact me.

May all dogs be happy!



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