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Opening Night: a celebration in images

Cuppa Java.

Opening night crowd.

Me--feeling happy, exhausted, satisfied, blessed.

My Ella bean.

The biggest highlight of my night: meeting Ella's mama, Evy.

Ella might not look much like her mama, but I now know where she got her personality from!

Bella's "grandpa" taking in the show.

My brother, Nelson: The Thinker.
My brother and sister have come to all of my openings. I love them for this. :)

Tucker, a neighborhood dog, wanting in.

Tucker, the neighborhood dog, actually getting to come in!
Dogs allowed. One night only. ;)

A view from the side.

Missy, my soon-to-be new studio mate.

"Spice Girl...(aka Bella)"
Although I do not have a photo of it...the other biggest highlight of my night was seeing Bella reuniting with her foster mama, Ann. Such joy! Such excitement! Such LOVE! They were in their own world. So happy to see each other. It took my breath away. It took everyone's breath away.

Gus...the laughing Buddha!
Gus, formally known as "Snuggles" is blind...but oh so happy!

It was TRULY a night of bliss.

Thank you to everyone who was there!
And, if you weren't there, hopefully these photos will help you to pretend. ;)
Thank you Gus, Mandy, Missy, Ella, Peanut, Hazel, Koda, Bella, Evy, and Japser!
Thank you Pet Haven.

Thank you, Universe...for helping me make my life look like this.




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