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From the Realm of Possibility...

Exactly one year ago today I left the center of the city to live in the middle of nowhere. I was following a big U-Haul filled with all my belongings, embarking on a self-imposed "Northerly Painting Retreat." I wanted to learn how to take better care of myself; I went seeking a space of quiet; and also to give myself full-heartedly to the tasks of my creative work. It was the beginning of a Free Fall that eventually turned into a New Beginning. I only planned on staying 6 months, but this life kept pulling me forward. Everything began to unfold in entirely new ways and I quickly realized that I was going to stay longer than initially planned. Oh, it is amazing just how much can change in a year!

Last night, I went and hung out with the horses. Dusk was settling over a deep winter snowscape. So quiet. Just horses and moonlight. Twice, there were bald eagles that flew right above our heads. I could hear their wings powerfully move the air as they flew. What a masterpiece of a moment--these moments that make me question why I would ever want to leave. Success is elusive. Those horses and eagles feel real. Is it possible to somehow have both? I have been very interested in that question lately.

These days, I find myself revising everything I once believed. Some of my old beliefs are limiting and no longer serve me. I am no longer the person I once was. Everything is brand new. And so here I am, one year later...with a whole life in front of me to make look any way I want. Following this thread into the unexpected space of yes...

With love from the realm of possibility,


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