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saying bon voyage to "Big Love"

"Big Love" has hereby been SOLD! Today I sold one of my most very favorite paintings I've ever done. It has now been delivered to its new home--and such a perfect home, it is! Even so, a proper goodbye was in order. I'm not sad, because I know that there are many more where this one came from...but it felt necessary to soak in as much of its color, love and inspiration as possible.

"Big Love" taught me how important it is to trust my instincts and to make sure that I allow time to occasionally paint just for myself. That is, after all, where the best paintings come from!

36" x 48" :: Oil on Canvas

I have a little self portrait side-project that's been filling me with inspiration. Wanna take a peek?

my wolfie girl, anu, and i shared a joy-filled moment in the studio together after playing in the snow. my dogs bring unexpected amounts of happiness into my life and today was no exception. welcome to a moment in my love-filled life. love fills all of our lives--the trick is simply in noticing it.


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