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Talk2theAnimals :: Paws4Pets :: A Fundraiser Event to Benefit Red Lake Rosie's Rescue!

Paws4Pets and help the animals at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue! Enjoy an evening with Talk2theAnimals for animal communication, view the art work of Stray Dog Arts, and meet Angel Animal authors Linda and Allen Anderson. There's a raffle, including exciting prizes from: The Galleria, Stray Dog Arts, Chuck and Don's, The Westin Galleria, and more! Bring a donation for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and take away an evening of doggone fun!

Event Hosted by Talk2theAnimals!

Join Us:
Thursday, May 13th
Dogs of Edina Gallery at the Galleria
(between Louis Vuitton and Big Bowl in the center's west end)

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is very a very special place to me and has affected my life and work in a deep way. Read more about my personal experiences with RLRR here and here and here. My sincere thank you to everyone who is working to coordinate this event!

* * * * *

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue Synopsis:

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue (RLRR) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization formed on February 6, 2006. The rescue/shelter is located on the Red Lake Indian reservation in northwestern Minnesota.

The shelter is run, singlehandedly, by Karen Good who lives and teaches at-risk high school kids on the reservation. She began the rescue with a mission to decrease the overpopulation of companion animals and the resulting homelessness, disease, malnutrition, and abuse, which has remained unchecked for generations on the reservation.

The Red Lake Reservation, which is approximately the size of Rhode Island, has had no other programs in the history of the nation that address the needs or protect the rights of companion animals.

The reservation has a human population of about 10,000. About 40% live at or below the poverty line. The unemployment rate is 36%, and the median age is 20.1 years. Crime and violence, often drug-related, are significant problems. Murder and suicide rates are high.

Considering these factors, it is no surprise that the most vulnerable population, domestic dogs and cats, would suffer the greatest. There are no veterinarians on the reservation, so there is a lack of medical care and neuter/spay. Even those animals who are not homeless often live outdoors without shelter and are expected to forage for their food. Many have malnutrition, dehydration, and are infected with mange and other parasites. It is a common and acceptable practice for residents to drop off litters of puppies and kittens, as well as adult animals at the garbage dumpsters where they are left to die of starvation, or disease, or be killed.

Karen has built outdoor kennels on her reservation property to house the animals. She also uses an older building to house small puppies and cats, and all of her supplies - food, medicine, bowls, towels, etc.

Karen's goals are three-fold; to rescue and find homes for the animals in need, to facilitate spay/neuter and medical care, and to provide humane education to the residents of Red Lake reservation.

In 2009, Karen rescued 859 animals. She provided food, housing, medical care, and spay/neuter.

Once or twice a month, with the help of a metro support group, the animals are transported from the shelter to Twin Cities’ area rescue groups.

Learn more about Red Lake Rosie's Rescue here.

May all dogs be happy!


Dazzle, Diamonds & Dogs :: Girls' Night Out!

You're Invited to Join Us for an Exclusive Evening of Pampering to Benefit Top Dog Foundation...the Sanctuary!

Invite your friends to an exclusive Girls' Night Out! A fun and decadent evening of art, shopping, style tips, music, pampering, wine and delicious treats to benefit Top Dog Foundation...the Sanctuary. Join us at the Galleria and, in the name of dog-love, spoil yourself rotten!

Thursday, May 20th

Dogs of Edina Gallery
(west end between Big Bowl and Louie Vuitton)
69th and France Avenue, Edina MN

In support and celebration of Top Dog Foundation...the Sanctuary!

Deliciously FREE!

Featuring specialty shopping from:

StyledLife, Origins, Ataz, & Top Dog Country Club

with wine and hors d' oeuvres from
The Good Earth

Informal modeling and fashion
and an evening filled with pampering, from nose to paw!

Incredible Dog-Loving Raffle, including:

The Westin Hotel ~ Hotel Stay & Doggy Package

Top Dog Country Club ~ Vacation & Spa Package

This event is sponsored and hosted by:
Top Dog Country Club and DNA2Diamonds!

{An Introduction: Top Dog Country Club..."The Un-Kennel"}

"The World-renowned Top Dog Country Club has been featured on Discover Channel's Animal Planet, the NBC Today Show, in The New York Times, The World Herald Paris, was named the 2009 National Best Pet Resort and set a completely new standard for boarding dogs everywhere."

* * *

{An Introduction: DNA2Diamonds}

"A DNA2Diamond is a new and beautiful way to celebrate your connection during your pet’s loyal and selfless life. Maybe they’ve saved a life or are an animal hero having performed a heroic act … maybe they’ve won a champion’s rosette … maybe they’re worth honoring simply for their loving place in your life. Or, as a distinctive memento, a DNA2Diamond can help ease your grief by keeping your pet close to your heart even when your time together has passed."

Learn more about DNA2Diamonds in our recent Feature Interview here.

Feature Interview with DNA2Diamonds! :: A "Dogs of Edina" sponsor!

The Dogs of Edina exhibition has been sponsored by some very incredible businesses and DNA2Diamonds is most definitely one of the most interesting! Before being introduced to the pet-industry, I never knew that diamonds like these existed. They are beautiful--not to mention, both personal and meaningful as well. And so, it is with great honor that I introduce to you: DNA2Diamonds!

Hope you enjoy the interview! Their product and process is a little bit fascinating, to say the least! And, also, so very, very "EDINA." ;)

{A bit about DNA2Diamonds}

DNA2Diamonds™ is a leading global provider of laboratory-created diamonds created from the signature carbon of people and pets -- which makes them the most personal diamonds in the world.

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, we are a unique full-cycle manufacturer and distributor of custom diamonds made to commemorate cherished lifetime events.

Our laboratory is one of the most innovative in the world. We have refined diamond-creation technology, resulting in a process that’s fast, easy and secure. Nature takes millennia to create a diamond; we take just a few days to create a DNA2Diamond that is physically, chemically and optically identical to earth-mined diamonds – and also environmentally-friendly and conflict-free.

{The Interview}

1. What sets DNA2Diamonds apart from other diamonds?

Unlike earth-mined gems and other lab-grown diamonds, however, DNA2Diamonds are truly personal. They begin with the signature carbon from hair or the cremated remains of loved ones (including treasured animal companions). This signature carbon is added to a diamond seed in our laboratory and exposed to the same process of extreme heat and pressure that happens deep below the earth’s crust.

In nature, it takes millennia to create a diamond; in our laboratory, it takes just a few weeks to create a DNA2Diamond that is GIA-certified to be physically, chemically and optically identical to earth-mined diamonds.

While gemologically equivalent to earth-mined diamonds, DNA2Diamonds are more beautiful, more meaningful and more precious – because they contain forever the essence of those you love. They are truly the most personal diamonds in the world.

2. Tell us a little bit about one of the most memorable diamond commissions that you’ve received in memory of an animal companion?

A customer recently sent DNA2Diamonds a beautiful letter about her dog, Tiger's life and death and how she is choosing to remember him. The entire letter can be read on the DNA2Diamonds blog, but here is an excerpt:

    "...after hearing about DNA2Diamonds, I want Tiger to become something more than just a paw-printed metal container on a shelf in my house. I want to see the twinkle of his brown eyes again in a diamond that is part of him. I want him to go on walks with me again and be praised on his beauty, only this time as a pendant on a chain, instead of a dog, on a leash. Thank you for putting the sparkle back into Tiger's memory for me."

3. Does anyone ever request diamonds in honor of special animals for reasons other than “in memory”?

Many of our customers tell us they have once-in-a-lifetime relationships with their pets. Whether it’s the animal’s unique spirit and personality, the period of time spent together or the life experiences shared, a deep connection is formed – and both human and animal feel it. Pet owners choose to not only create diamonds "in memory" of their pets that have passed, but also while the animal is still living. We have had people contact us about their animal hero who saved a life and also owners of horse champions. We've let them know that not only can we create a diamond for them from their pets hair, but also that they can combine their own hair with their pets hair to be together forever in a DNA2Diamond.

Read about two recent pet memorial tributes, Tiger and Ariel.

4. What is the highlight of your work with DNA2Diamonds? In other words, what do you love most about what you do?

Helping someone through a difficult time and making their life just a little brighter is absolutely the best gift you could give someone. It's also a gift you give yourself knowing that you've made a positive impact on the lives of others. Although it's often painful for our customers to tell their story about their loved one or their pet that has passed, in doing so, and in creating a beautiful diamond memorial, a DNA2Diamond offers a special kind of comfort that allows people to heal and move forward with their lives. It gives them the peace that they are never really leaving their loved ones behind because their essence is forever captured in their personal diamond. Making that happen is an unmatched joy.

5. Do DNA2Diamonds come in different sizes and shapes?

Because a DNA2Diamond is the most precious and rare diamond one could ever own, personalizing it further by selecting the color, cut and size that reflects an individuals personal style just makes sense! DNA2Diamonds can be created in various cuts such as brilliant, radiant, princess and our new heart-shaped cut. They are available in colors of stunning red, brilliant yellow-green, warm cognac and dazzling blue. These personal diamonds are available in sizes ranging from 0.25 carats to 2.0 carats and can be set into a ring, bracelet, and earrings or worn as a pendant. Our Diamond Selector is helps our customers do just that with just a few clicks of the mouse.

6. What else would you like us to know about DNA2Diamonds?

Ordering a DNA2Diamond is quick and easy. Simply download from our website a DNA Signature Collection Kit complete with step-by-step instructions, or call us at 888-335-3630. In 70 days or less, from the time we receive your order and personal carbon source, your DNA2Diamond personal gem will be delivered to your doorstep.

May all dogs have diamonds!

ArtBARK! :: An Art Contest and Raffle to Benefit The Pet Project of Minnesota!

ArtBARK! is an art contest, raffle, and event that celebrates the connections created between our dogs, our families, and our communities. ArtBARK! is presented by Bone Adventure and Stray Dog Arts as a fundraiser for The Pet Project.

Kids! We want to see your dog art!

Artwork must be submitted on the back of the ArtBARK! postcard and can be in any medium. If you need a postcard, they can be picked up at all three Bone Adventure locations.

Art will be judged in four age categories:
5 years and under,
6-9 years,
10-13 years,
and 14-18 years.

Art must be submitted by May 6th, 2010.

Winning submissions from each category will be framed and hung in the Dogs of Edina exhibition gallery during the ArtBARK! event.

Top winners in each category will receive:
A $25 gift certificate to Bone Adventure as well as a pack of 10 greeting cards custom designed by Stray Dog Arts--featuring the winner's artwork!

Runners-up in each category will receive:
A $10 gift certificate to Bone Adventure as well as art supplies from Stray Dog Arts.

All artwork submitted will be displayed at the ArtBARK! event so that artists can bring family and friends to see all the great dog art! WOOF! How awesome is that?!

Raffle tickets are available at all three Bone Adventure locations as well as at the ArtBARK! event. Buy a ticket for your chance to win a custom portrait by Jessie Marianiello of Stray Dog Arts (an $1800 value) and an extra special custom dog bed from Bone Adventure. Tickets are $10 each and all proceeds go to The Pet Project, a local organization that is working to keep pets and their families together during tough times by providing pet food and basic veterinary services for local pets. More information about the great work that The Pet Project is doing for pets in our communities is available at

Prizes totaling well over $2,000! And all of it's going to an incredible cause!

ArtBARK! will take place May 9th, Mother's Day, from 12-5pm in the Dogs of Edina gallery. The Dogs of Edina gallery exhibition is located on the west end of Galleria, between Big Bowl and Louis Vuitton. Stop by to buy a last minute raffle ticket, bring pet food to donate to The Pet Project, and support the local artists who are inspired by the dogs in our communities!

Reception and Celebration
Sunday, May 9th, 2010
Galleria's west end, between Louis Vuitton and Big Bowl

For more information about ArtBARK! contact Gabie at Bone Adventure, 612.920.2201 or or stop by any of our three locations:
Bone Adventure Pet Gear and Grooming
*5045 France Ave S, Edina, MN 55410
*726 E Lake St, Wayzata, MN 55391
*312 E Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN 55414

May all dogs be happy!


Mon Ami :: An Event Celebrating our Community of Dog Lovers :: You're Invited!

Local Dog Lovers, we invite you to join us at Mon Ami!

{Mon Ami: French for "My Friend."}
Join new friends and old for an incredible evening of live music, art, wine, delectables, exclusive deals and over a $1,000 in prizes! Mingle, mix and muse over the finest things in life: dogs!

Stray Dog Arts and the Galleria has partnered up with seven of the Twin Cities TOP pet businesses to present Mon Ami, a celebration of our community of dog lovers! Together with Sidewalk Dog, Pampered Pooch Playground, Sarah Beth Photography, Bone Adventure, Fetch Delivers, Stunt Puppy and K9 Connection, we'll be holding the festivities in the midst of the Dogs of Edina exhibition at the Galleria in Edina.

This free event will feature an up-close look at some of Marianiello's most recent artwork, live music, wine and creatively delicious treats from the famous Muddy Paws Cheesecake! There will be roll-over-and-beg-incredible prize drawings, special Sidewalk Dog deals and steals for attendees, and a chance to mix and mingle with the owners of your favorite local pet businesses. No special invite needed--the party is open to every one who loves dogs!

{The Deets}
Date: Friday, May 14th


Galleria, Edina :: 69th and France
Exhibition space between Louis Vuitton
& Big Bowl in the center's West end.

Lovely local dog art, groovy live music,
wine, cheesecake, prizes, drawings, deals and
the chance to hobnob with local pet luminaries.

Sponsored by: Sidewalk Dog, Pampered Pooch Playground, Sarah Beth Photography, Bone Adventure, Fetch Delivers, Stunt Puppy and K9 Connection.

May all dogs be happy!


You're Invited To Our Group Show! :: Deviant Art: Dispelling Myths

View and purchase prints by Stray Dog Arts
and artwork by fellow artists in support of ARLP!


Join us for an evening of myth busting, celebration and support of A Rotta Love Plus, Minnesota's Pit Bull and Rottweiler rescue, at the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis, MN.

WHAT: Deviant Art: Dispelling Myths :: Group Show

WHERE: NKB :: 1500 Jackson St NE :: Third Floor Gallery

WHEN: Saturday May 10th, 3-9pm

WHY: Mingle, appreciate AWESOME art, CELEBRATE "deviant" breeds, support ARLP by purchasing artwork by local artists!

Deviant Art is a benefit art show for A Rotta Love Plus. The event is free to attend, and includes artwork featuring "deviant" breeds created by over twenty local artists, vendors, youth and adult groups.

Meet A Rotta Love Plus volunteers and dog lovers, experience the artwork, make your mark with the community mural, sample the food, and support ARLP!

Hope to see you there!

Being Dramatic

In case you're wondering why-oh-why my blog has been so quiet it's because I've been painting like a maniac! The Stray Dog Arts studio has been a flurry of creative activity. I look forward to sharing more with you soon! For now...

60" x 40" :: Oil on Canvas :: Photo of work in progress

...this is a sneak peek of my most favorite painting to date (early stages).
It's big. It's dramatic. It felt amazing to paint.

If you live in the Minneapolis area, I invite you to see the finished piece at
the Dogs of Edina exhibition at the Galleria, May 6th-31st, 2010.

For more glimpses into my daily life as an artist:
{Project 44} on Flickr
Follow me on Facebook @
and become a Facebook fan of Stray Dog Arts.


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