Stray Dog Arts

Louie, my muse.

Slowly, slowly we are getting settled into our new place. Did I mentioned that the home and studio of Stray Dog Arts moved this past weekend? It has been interesting, difficult, and wonderful all at the same time. We're exhausted and excited all at once. My husband, Vinny, snuck this photo of Louie and me recharging our batteries this afternoon. I realize that this isn't exactly the most flattering photo of me. I'm a little reluctant to post it, but what the hell. It's a real moment and those are the best kind. I just love the way it totally captures the comfort that Louie gives me. He is my rock, my anchor, my inspiration, my endless source of love, contentment and security.

The connection I feel with Louie is both deep and special. His thoughtfulness amazes me on a daily basis. He is one of a kind. And, yet, I know that this is a connection shared between many of my clients and the dogs they've asked me to paint. To sit in the middle of this love with a paint brush in hand is a pretty incredible thing. Taking a five minute break to recharge my creative batteries with Louie, well, that's a pretty incredible thing, too.

These days, as I pack and unpack boxes, it is the little things that I am enjoying the most. Things like this short little cat nap, the way the light in the living room takes on a golden glow in the afternoon, the prehistoric sounds of the two egrets who hang out in the middle of the pond, the beauty of a perfect cup of coffee while grooving out to James Brown out it the studio, watching my husband play guitar under the willow tree in the mellowness of evening, the bright colors of our freshly steam cleaned rugs--you know...the little things. They are the best.

What about you? What are some of the best things in your world?


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